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Capture Your Dreams

Writing your dreams down can seem like too much of a chore and this is the part where most people fall short in the interpretation process.

In choosing not to write your dreams down, remembered dreams become passing thoughts, or even casual topics of conversation and then forgotten. This is one of the reasons for recurring dreams. The message of the dream is being passed along but not absorbed, so the message is repeated.

You dreams are a wonderful free source of wisdom and insight about yourself, but unless you are an expert on your own symbolism, you MUST write them down if you want to access to their hidden messages.

Why? Because they need to be translated into a language that we can understand on a conscious level. It’s like deciphering a secret code and that’s pretty tough to do just in your head…you need to write it out.

I highly suggest that until you are adept at recalling and journaling your dreams, that you do it on paper rather than an online source. Writing dreams down manually creates a more intimate connection and you won’t be distracted by having to follow software formats.

Once you have your dream written down and analyzed, then adding your dreams online would great for creating a searchable database that you could use for research, or even creative ideas.

A Short Course in Recording Your Dreams
(Written for those who say “But I don’t have time!”)

• To start, make a decision to recall and write a dream down on paper once a week.

• Before falling asleep, tell yourself that you will remember your dream and expect to wake up with a dream in mind. Or, find a dream recall method that appeals to you and use it.

• If you do recall a dream fragment when awakening, do not get out of bed until you go over the dream in your mind. This really helps to cement the main details in your memory.

• Keep paper and pen by your bed, or the coffee maker, bathroom or wherever you have a second to spare and write down the TITLE to your dream and a few key words. Keep the dream in the front of your mind.

• Within the next few hours, sit down and write up a short version of your dream with any symbols that seem important and the overall emotions. Do NOT get bogged down in too much detail (you don’t have time!). A good measure is ten minutes or less, but no more.

• Write a sentence or two about your current life situation.

You can interpret the dream later when you have more time, but at least you've got it down on paper where it won't get lost in your memory.

That's it! Your done until next week. You're on your way to creating a habit!