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Are you about to record your first voice CV?

Congratulations, you are one of the progressive jobbers who have realized that a voice Curriculum vitae is huge positive statement on your job application. Why? Because your resume is probably your best shot - and in many cases the only shot at you getting an interview. Typical busy bee recruiter has less than 2 minutes for a resume - if at all that. Your voice CV buys you some additional time, if you get some of the smarts:
Decide the approach for your voice CV: (A) I am going to present highlights from my resume (B) I am going to add information to my resume (C) I am going to build intrigue with a story or an achievement (D) What are attention grabbers - in a 1 minute voice recording you should have 3 or 4 attention grabbers.
Here is your check list:
1. I have a script before I can record
2. I have rehearsed and heard myself, I slept over the script and it looks good
3. Someone listened to my voice CV and gave me feedback (not a patronizing friend)
4. My voice CV adds value to my job resume - in 4 or 5 specific points
5. There is quantification of my achievements that a recruiter can relate to
You have a great voice, then
(not because you can sing in the shower or your friends thought so)
Do not get carried by the voice and try to sound good
Do not over stylize
Remember not everyone with a great voice made a great orator or a singer
Nothing unusual about your voice resume then
Good, focus on the content
Speak slowly, clearly
Choose words that make you sound better
Short sentences help you sound better
Choose to present in lists
Remember some of the greatest singers or orators did not have the best of voices
End note: Your voice CV is about your career and not your voice - So try one.