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Are You Ready For The Next Level As A Professional

A fully competent professional is someone who has mastered and outgrown his or her job. Are you a fully competent professional? Do you believe you have outgrown your job role? Are you looking to move up to the next level in your profession? If you answered yes to these questions, you are due for a promotion and/or it is time to progress to the next level or two in your profession.

Right now you may be feeling as though you are in a dead end job. In truth, however, there are no dead end job, since all jobs act as a stepping -stones to get to the next level. Rather, it is usually your own thinking and self-doubt that are haunting you and causing you to feel that you are stuck with this job for life and there is no way out.

But yes, it is true that you can get stuck in a job if you have nothing new to offer an employer. Does this apply to you? You can easily find out by evaluating what new skills, experiences and attributes you have acquired since taking on your current or last job role.

If you are serious about moving up the ranks, you will need to learn how to stay a step ahead of your competition. Ensure that you do not leave your industry self-development to your employer; rather, make sure that you are active in continuously working on improving yourself when it comes to the latest trends, terminologies, training and specialization schemes required in your industry. Those who do this are the ones who effortlessly get jobs and set the standard by which all other job applicant candidates are evaluated and judged as competent or not for a specific job role.

Remember, it is an employer’s market. You therefore need to develop industry-specific and job market-specific highly tuned skills to ensure you gain the edge over your competitors. To evaluate how advance your job market skills are, take this free job market performance assessment.